Village Wisdom Podcast

The Village Wisdom Podcast came about after many adventures in my life. I’ve learned many things. The central core that now enlightens my life is the trust that I have in the perfection of creation. In some small way I want to pass on that knowledge. My byline is Opening Minds to New Perspectives and Possibilities.

So what is the Village Wisdom Podcast all about anyway? Well, it’s about bringing a sense of personal responsibility to developing ourselves, our community and working together to build our dreams of a peaceful world. It’s about learning about and expanding our sense of personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, our country and our globe.

The Village Wisdom (that’s me) will be prominent in relating news, educational topics and events with a particular focus on Personal Responsibility and building community.

Look for The Village Wisdom podcast here and on iTunes.

Other Areas of Interest

Village Wisdom Coaching offers classes, and coaching is available to all looking for assistance in reconnecting to their Heart or breaking through a particular area of resistance.

We look forward to building our dream with all of you.

In Love and Peace
The Village Wisdom